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Hidden Utilities XP provides easy access to over 200 utilities
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Hidden Utilities XP gives you quick access to more than 200 utilities of Windows that are not easily accessible. Hidden Utilities XP doesn't add anything new to your system, it actually works as a link to your system utilities and DOS commands hidden behind system folders.

It is not always necessary that a person working on a PC has good knowledge about DOS commands and system utilities like CHKDSK, PING, DEFRAG, DISKCOPY, DISKPART, DEBUG, ATTRIB and other system tools. To help you in such cases, Hidden Utilities XP is perfect tool that shows you all the commands and utilities that can be used. You don't need to launch the command prompt and remember all those difficult commands in order to access any system utility. Just select a command or utility from the list to run and click on the Run button to use it.

Additionally Hidden Utilities XP can launch all the items of your control panel in a single click. Like user accounts, scanner and camera wizard, security center, on screen keyboard, network sharing wizard, network connection, mouse and keyboard properties, game controller, hyper terminal, display properties, add/remove program wizard, add hardware wizard and all those utilities that you may find in your Windows control panel and accessories tab. Working with system utilities and DOS commands has never been so easy.

To cut it short, Hidden Utilities XP is no doubt a priceless and a must-have tool for your PC.

jasminder singh
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  • Runs any command without opening the command prompt
  • No need to remember any command prompt entries now


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